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To the pharmacy this morning to pick up my exciting new drugs – two anti-nausea drugs, a drug that I pray will prevent cancer-cankles, and a drug that suppresses the immune system, though why that’s a good thing I do not know. Yesterday was bad – my lymph node biopsy site is wicked swollen – I had to sleep with a pillow under my arm – and I was tired and achy all day. I called Roswell and they said it wasn’t a big deal – no fever means no infection, and apparently it’s normal for a biopsy site to start swelling two weeks after the surgery. Whatever, today I feel better – my arm still hurts but the body ache is gone, so I’m declaring it Not Swine Flu and moving on.

I was relieved to find that my insurance is covering the fancy anti-nausea drugs – instead of $35 per pill, I have a $25 copay for three pills, which is enough for one chemo infusion. Getting cancer was, I think, a poor financial decision, but it could be a lot worse than it is.

The good news is that my port is feeling great – the swelling is gone and tomorrow I get to take off the bandage! The port itself is not covered by the bandage, so I can see that it’s just a quarter-sized bump under the skin, not a big deal, and when I last changed the bandage it looked like the incision was healing nicely. Of course, tomorrow the port will be used for my infusion, which will hurt. I hope the infusion center has a DVD player so I can bring some Buffys to watch.


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